On festivalnet.com, you’ll find tens of thousands of craft shows, fairs and festivals across the country. These shows are run by hundreds of promoters and producers, and they are staffed by countless vendors.

Each of those vendors needs vendor insurance. And it’s up to the promoters and producers to maintain this compliance by collecting information from every vendor at every show. It’s a manual process, and given the huge number of shows and vendors, it’s clear that this is a massive amount of work exacerbated by an inefficient system.

While vendor insurance is important and necessary, it’s a burden that most promoters and producers would like to eliminate. Craft shows, fairs and festivals are difficult enough to organize without having to collect, validate, advise, and track down vendors for proof of vendor insurance. It can be incredibly time-consuming and tedious.

Traditionally, vendor insurance is the responsibility of each vendor, and it’s up to them to find the right insurance. They then add the show promoter or producer as an additional insured, and then send in the proper documentation. Many vendors at craft fairs and shows are very small outfits. They might not have any vendor insurance, they might not know where to go to buy it, or they might forget or not follow the correct procedures. It’s an inefficient and disjointed system that adds up to extra work for show promoters and producers.

That’s why Anthony Insurance Services has developed a new approach. Now, show promoters and producers can solve the challenges of confirming vendor insurance, simplify their process, and do it all at zero cost.

It also gives vendors a convenient solution as well, with an easy-to-secure, low-cost, and comprehensive vendor insurance policy option.

If you’re a show promoter or producer, learn more about how this new creative solution can help you eliminate much of this hassle. It will help your vendors, and it will free you up to focus on making your shows more successful, not collecting insurance documents.

Visit Why Show Promoters & Producers Partner with AIS to learn more about the process and how we make it simpler and easier.