How do I add an Additional Insured to my policy?

Click here:   Additional Insureds

How can I change my dates, limits, name, address or add participants to my existing policy?
In order to make changes to your policy, we need your request in writing. You may send this to us via e-mail, fax or mail. Please make sure to include the name of the policyholder, your policy number, certificate number, and specific details as to what needs to be changed on your policy.
Do you provide business in all states?
We provide business in all states except for AK and NE.
How do I cancel my policy? Will I be refunded?
You may cancel your policy by sending a request in writing via e-mail, fax or mail. Please be sure to include the name of policyholder and certificate number. NOTE: Minimum premiums are fully earned at inception of the policy. Anything above the stated minimum premium may be pro-rated for a refund.
Are we covered if we travel to another state, or outside the U.S.?
Yes, your coverage will follow wherever you go. However, claims or lawsuits must be brought into the U.S. in order to be submitted.
Can I get a sample policy?
Yes, we can provide a sample policy. When submitting your request, please provide the state you are in and the type of activity your policy will be covering.
Can you provide Worker’s Comp?
No, we do not provide Worker’s Compensation
How can I get a quote?
The online applications are provided with the rates, and therefore are self-quoting. You will know exactly what your premium is once you calculate your applications. Certain risks, such as events or facilities, are required to be examined by an underwriter before a formal quotation may be provided. One of our representatives will be able to provide you with the appropriate quotation request, should this be needed.
Can I bind coverage for just some of my participants/players since most of them already have health insurance?
No, policies require 100% participation.
Are independent contractors covered under my policy?
No, but can be added for an additional premium on most programs.  Please check with us if you need coverage for independent contractors.