Peace of mind.

That’s why insurance exists in the first place. Solid and reliable insurance is a must. If you are looking for sports insurance or special event insurance, no one takes better care of your needs than Anthony Insurance Services.

Our most popular insurance programs

We specialize in providing comprehensive coverage for all types of risks, including weddings, sporting events, student and athletic participant related risks and more. Below are the most popular programs.

What is Vendor’s Coverage? Do You Need It?

Say you’re a new business, and you’re setting up your first trade show booth. Which of these mishaps would be covered by your standard business liability insurance? Someone steals your laptop...

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Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

Have you seen the video where the best man trips, knocking the bride and the minister into the pool? How about the one where the drunken guest does an impromptu pole dance, and pulls the tent down...

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Do You Need Liability Insurance?

If you are a business, yes, you do. If not, you still may need it. Liability insurance provides protection from a list of expenses that result from liability claims, such as bodily injury or property...

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