Live Action Role Playing (LARP)

Specialty insurance for Live Action Role Playing organizations

What is LARP insurance?

LARP insurance is a specialty product designed to cover the needs for LARP groups, organizations, events, and/or chapters. LARP organizers run the risk of personal exposure to lawsuits through a participant’s injury claim and/or damaging another’s property. LARP insurance provides protection against these claims, should you be sued. Also, this is the insurance you need to fulfill the landlord or property owners liability insurance requirements. The landlord, landowner, and/or property owner where the games are being performed can be covered as an Additional Insured at no charge.

Here are a few examples of why LARP insurance is necessary:

  • If a covered Realm rents a feast hall and a fire breaks out and damages the kitchen, then the Realm is covered for damages if they are found liable.
  • If a covered Realm holds a game in a public park, and a non-Realm participant happens to get too close to the battle... a sword flies out of the hand of one of the fighters and strikes the non-Realm passer-by, this policy will cover you for damages.
  • If a Realm holds an event in a public park, and a Realm participant gets too close to the list, and a sword flies out of the hand of one of the fighters and strikes another participating fighter, you are covered for damages.

This policy will provide a $10K Accident benefit for an injured participant as well as liability coverage, should the injured participant sue the Realm. The above mentioned examples were adapted from the SCA handbook.

LARP insurance coverage

Our insurance program provides protection for the LARP group/organization from accident and negligence liability claims. The coverage consists of two policies:

  1. an accident medical policy, and
  2. a general liability policy.

The accident medical policy helps pay the medical bills of an injured participant up to $10,000 per claim ($0 Deductible). The general liability policy protects you and your LARP organization in the event of a lawsuit if someone sues your studio (including owners, directors, employees, and Instructors (volunteers and W-2) for bodily injury and/or property damage and the litigation costs to defend such claims.

Coverage limits start at a $1,000,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 aggregate. Higher aggregate limits are available and can be selected when purchasing coverage. Please note, the general liability policy provides coverage if you are found negligent in damaging someone else’s property. Any damage to your business personal property or equipment would need to be covered under the Equipment Insurance Policy.

How much does it cost?

The premium is based on the liability limit selected, and the number of youth and adult participants. The application will automatically calculate the annual premium due when you enter in the participant number.

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Common questions

Does it matter how many events we do over the course of the year?

No. As long as all of your participants are accounted for, coverage will apply.

Do you require a roster or a list of all members?


The location of our event is asking for an Additional Insured. What does that mean?

An Additional Insured is a status that provides protection to other individuals/groups (i.e. Landlord or Landowner) that are not the Named Insured Party. They receive protection while you are renting or operating on their premises for your event if any legal claims arise resulting from your negligence.

If you know that you need to name an Additional Insured, list it on the application. Then when coverage is bound the Additional Insured will be listed on the policy when it is issued.

Additional Insureds can be added at any time by submitting the online certificate request form. When the online form is received, an updated certificate will be returned to you to via email.

Typical Additional Insureds are landlords, venues, cities and recreation departments, property managers, event promoters, etc.  Individuals working with you at your event are not Additional Insureds.

How quickly can coverage be effective?

Coverage binds when application and payment are received.

Do you in insure historical reenactment groups?

Yes. Coverage is available for historical reenactment groups. Please contact us for instructions on how to obtain quote.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Minimum premium is fully earned at policy inception. Any unearned premium will be refunded. All cancellation notices must be made in writing. If the written cancellation request is received prior to the event start date, the premium will be refunded in full less any credit card fees.