Live Action Role Playing (LARP Insurance)

Specialty insurance for Live Action Role Playing organizations

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What is LARP insurance?

LARP insurance offers specialized coverage tailored to the needs of LARP groups, organizations, events, and/or chapters. LARP organizers face the potential risk of personal exposure to lawsuits stemming from participant injury claims or damage to another’s property. This insurance safeguards against such claims, providing protection in the event of a lawsuit. Additionally, it fulfills the liability insurance requirements set by landlords or property owners. Landlords, landowners, or property owners where the games are conducted can also be covered as Additional Insured parties at no extra charge.

LARP insurance coverage

Our insurance program protects the LARP group/organization from accident and negligence liability claims. The coverage comprises two policies:

  1. an accident medical policy, and
  2. a general liability policy.

The accident medical policy assists in covering the medical expenses of an injured participant, up to $10,000 per claim ($0 Deductible). The general liability policy defends you and your LARP organization in the event of a lawsuit if someone files a lawsuit against you (including owners, directors, employees, and Instructors (volunteers and W-2)) for bodily injury and/or property damage, along with the litigation costs to defend such claim

Coverage limits commence at $1,000,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 aggregate. Higher aggregate limits are available and can be chosen when purchasing coverage. It’s important to note that the general liability policy provides coverage if you are found negligent in damaging someone else’s property or bodily injury to others. Any damage to your business personal property or equipment would need coverage under the Equipment Insurance Policy.

How much does it cost?

The premium calculation depends on the liability limit selected and the number of youth and adult participants. When you enter the participant number, the application will automatically calculate the annual premium due.

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Common questions

Does it matter how many events we do over the course of the year?

No. As long as all of your participants are accounted for, coverage will apply.

Do you require a roster or a list of all members?


The location of our event is asking for an Additional Insured. What does that mean?

An Additional Insured grants protection to individuals or groups (such as Landlords or Landowners) who are not the Named Insured Party. They receive coverage while you rent or operate on their premises for your event, in case legal claims arise due to your negligence.

If you determine that you need to name an Additional Insured, include it on the application. Once coverage is bound, the Additional Insured will be listed on the policy upon issuance.

Additional Insureds can be added anytime by submitting the online certificate request form. Upon receipt of the online form, an updated certificate will be returned to you via email.

Typical Additional Insureds include landlords, venues, cities and recreation departments, property managers, and event promoters. Individuals working with you at your event are not considered Additional Insureds.

How quickly can coverage be effective?

Coverage binds when application and payment are received.

Do you in insure historical reenactment groups?

Yes. Coverage is available for historical reenactment groups. Please contact us for instructions on how to obtain quote.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Minimum premium is fully earned at policy inception. Any unearned premium will be refunded. All cancellation notices must be made in writing. If the written cancellation request is received prior to the event start date, the premium will be refunded in full less any credit card fees.