Have you seen the video where the best man trips, knocking the bride and the minister into the pool? How about the one where the drunken guest does an impromptu pole dance, and pulls the tent down over the entire reception?

Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance? What Could Go Wrong?
What could go wrong?

You just can’t beat YouTube for demonstrating why people need one-day wedding insurance!

Most wedding venues require wedding insurance, in case someone slips on ice outside, or otherwise gets injured and tries to blame the venue.

But why wedding insurance if it’s not mandatory? You owe it to yourself and your partner to prevent the unexpected from ruining your big day—and potentially costing you a huge sum of money.

Still not clear on the risk? Let’s look at some more wedding day horror stories.

Dance Floor Danger

Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance? What Could Go Wrong?
What could go wrong?

You know those weddings where people dance around with the bride and groom up on chairs? At one of our clients’ weddings, the groom crashed to the floor, and one of his groomsmen hurt his back trying to catch him. He eventually needed surgery.

He never would have sued the wedding couple—but his health insurance company did. Without wedding insurance, the couple might have had to pay a claim in the low six figures!

When someone gets hurt at a wedding, you never know who a lawsuit might target—the venue? the deejay? another guest?—or whose insurance will cover what. All you can do is make sure you’re protected with basic wedding insurance.

Drunk and Disorderly—and Disastrous

Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance? What Could Go Wrong?
What could go wrong?

If you serve alcohol, there’s always the risk someone will drink too much. Maybe they pull down the tent pole. Maybe they start a fight or make a scene. Maybe they pass out and require a call to 911.

All of the above can cost you. But what if a guest drinks too much and causes an accident driving home? Now you’re talking serious money.

Your basic wedding event insurance coverage includes Host Liquor Liability insurance for weddings and receptions, which protects against claims caused by an intoxicated guest who was served alcohol at your event—as long as the wedding party receives no proceeds from the alcohol. (If you want to sell liquor at your wedding for your own profit, that requires different coverage.) It’s another reason you need wedding insurance.

Affordable Peace of Mind for the Big Day

The last thing you want to think about on your Big Day is what could go wrong. For an event of this kind, liability insurance costs are minimal, starting at around $250. The policies generally carry a $1 million liability limit, but higher amounts are available. Premiums are based on the type of event and the estimated number of people who’ll be there. If you like, we at Anthony Insurance Services can provide a wedding insurance quote. Or call us at 877-811-2271, and we’ll answer all your questions.

Enjoy your big day—and congratulations!

Image credits: theknot.com, flickr.com, youtube.com