Summer time and the living is easy. A lot of people feel like they want to live it up by throwing parties and events that cater to having a gas, a blast, with vast crowds amassed, but before much planning has passed, the host has hopefully asked about the value of special event liability insurance. Having liability insurance for special events is a wise move, and more often than not a “must-have,” especially if you own a venue.

Whether the event is large or small, having the right insurance is really important to keep you, your guests, and any employees covered and protected. Sometimes it’s obvious that you need special coverage; sometimes it’s not. Let’s take a look at 5 signs that it may be time to get some event liability insurance quotes.

Sign 1: Your 20 year-old, guitar-playing son has been asked to jam with the Grateful Dead at an after-party on Saturday night. Surprise–the party is going to be at your house with enough crazed fans to raise the dead — and raise this issue: Is this the time to get insurance? What kind or kinds of insurance do you need?

Answer: This is looking like one heck of a special affair that would definitely require coverage, but only if you want to retain your home and life savings. The party could be a special event (needing general liability insurance) if it qualifies as a concert, musical, banquet, festival, convention, dance, bizarre, (oops) bazaar, social gathering and/or all of the above. If someone slips or falls or is injured, or the neighbor’s property sustains damage, this coverage will pay to defend and settle any claims brought against you, the event holder.

And don’t forget Host Liquor Liability coverage (hic), which protects you against claims of injury or property damage arising because a guest was served liquor at your event and became intoxicated. With all this liability, perhaps the idea of a Grateful Dead get-together at your place should be interred.

Sign 2: Your mother-in-law is turning 102 next week, and it looks like you are going to get stuck hosting a birthday party for 102 of her lively, octogenarian friends. Are there insurance concerns to consider?

Answer: It may be simpler to ask if there’s a kind of insurance this special event doesn’t need. The octogenarians could slip and fall doing the “Schmony,” the hot new hip-hop dance, or choke on a hot dog, or try to race with their walkers after too much Johnny Walker. But seriously, the people and the host for this truly salutatory event need the kind of special event protection special folks deserve (and we provide at AIS).

Sign 3: You want to throw an Italian Street Party this summer . You’ve invited the crew — a bunch of “goodfellas,” including Sal Monella, Al Dente and Al Fresco, but your forgot to invite the big boss, Don Hospino, head of the family. Now, it’s way too late. What will it take for you to sleep well tonight, instead of sleeping with the fishes?

Answer: Insurance! That’s what. Street Party insurance. Who knows, Don could crash the party and crash a few of the stalls of the vendors, not to mention you. Oh, BTW, is your life insurance policy up to date?

Sign 4: You’re running for mayor of Albany, Ohio (pop. 865) and think it would be a great PR idea to host a charity poker night. Insurance-wise, could you roll craps if you’re not adequately covered? What does it take to be “all in” for protection?

Answer: You’ll be covered for a full house and prevent going south personally if you have charity event insurance, which translates to around $1,000,000 general liability insurance to cover any potential suits (law suits, not flushes) filed against you for negligence resulting in injury.

Sign 5:  Shhh. It’s time for a silent auction. The Ladies Auxiliary League needs dough for a trip to Vegas.  A silent auction seems like a fun way to raise funds.

Answer: Like most special events, liabilities are a concern. You have risks from food or liquor intake and what if an injury occurs during a fight over the bidding? Those ladies can pack a punch! “It’s best to contact your insurance broker” suggests an online magazine focused on non-profit auctions. We humbly suggest contacting us at Anthony Insurance Services.  Special Event Insurance is a specialty at our firm and if you call us to discuss your specific plans, we’ll be happy to advise you, give you a quote, and make sure that you’re protected so the event stays special.

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