Event safety and security may not be top-of-mind when thinking about organizing or hosting a sports club event or a concert, but it should be. Not only is it crucial to the welfare of your participants, attendees, contractors, but also to your bottom line.


When beginning your event planning, make it clear who will be responsible for safety and security. It might be beneficial to write a business safety and security plan so all involved will know what to do and who is responsible for what.

Your plan should include the scope of the event, location and audience type. Your local authority may have specific guidelines for you to follow, so make sure don’t get caught without a permit if one is required. In order to get approved, you may need to adhere to safety and security measures like risk assessment, emergency procedures and a list of suitable and reliable contractors.

Site Assessment

Understanding of the event and the audience is of paramount importance. Is the site the right size for the audience? Consider things like:

  • site access
  • exits
  • audience circulation
  • pinch points
  • structure features
  • lighting
  • ground conditions
  • load-bearing capacities

Risk Assessment

Your risk begins before the actual special event. There are numerous people helping you get ready for your event, and they are subject to risk in setting up, loading in and breakdown. Participants’ and attendees’ risks must be addressed also. Information must be available to all involved.

Your risk assessment checklist (for a small event) or best practices document (for a larger event) may include:

  • Site assessment – Any hazards at the site and measures to control them
  • Electrical cables that may be buried
  • Safe parking areas
  • First aid area; medical emergencies
  • Washroom facilities locations; handling waste and trash
  • Weather forecast news that may affect the event
  • Emergency procedures and arranging for them, i.e., fire, structural failure, inclement weather, last minute event cancellation, crowd management, evacuation, traffic management
  • Health and safety information availability
  • Fan violence
  • After event debrief to see how you did

Education and Training

You or the venue host must do a risk assessment, and asking for important medical information in the registration process is crucial. Training of key personnel is an important requirement in risk/threat assessment, inspection procedures, and security awareness, especially for larger and professional events. But small parties, fairs, and festivals also need to be safe and secure, especially if their participants are children.

A participant or parent phone tree for quick communication is a plus. Handouts of rules, regulations, safety and emergency procedures will be welcomed by parents also. Familiarize yourself with local ordinances and safety and security measures and procedures.

Formal venue staff training classes can be taken at schools such as The University of Southern Mississippi. Additional information can be had by attending the National Sports Safety and Security Conference and Exhibition annual event.

Who Needs Safety and Security Protection

In addition to ensuring the safety and security of event participants and attendees, hosts and organizers need specialty insurance for MMA events and other sports tournaments and camps, LARP events, and other special events.  Anthony Insurance Services offers special event insurance that is simple, quick, affordable and comprehensive, and protects the event and event organizer from lawsuits.

Policies can be provided for public or private events from birthday parties and weddings to corporate affairs to concerts and festivals.

One major component of this type of insurance is participant liability coverage. We can provide any add-ons you need also, such as equipment floaters. These can be added for cameras, production gear and musical equipment, sports and recreational gear, and gym and fitness equipment.

Once your paperwork has been completed, you should have your insurance quote within 24 hours.