Sports Camp, Clinic & Tournament Insurance

Anthony Insurance Services provides comprehensive sports camp insurance for any type of sport, regardless of the risk of injury.

We offer basic and customized coverage for short-term sports events — Sports Camps, Sports Clinics and/or Tournaments — whether your event is one day, one week or a combination of dates.

Our nationwide network of licensed associates are experts in designing a plan specifically suited to your needs, and we can develop coverage for all your events under one policy if so desired.

Contact AIS today and put your mind at ease by making sure your event is both well-planned and well-prepared.

What kind of coverage is available?
Accident, Participant Liability & General Liability

  • The Accident insurance helps pay for the medical bills of injured participant up to the limits purchased less the deductible.
  • The Participant Liability provides coverage for claims made by athletic participants.
  • A minimum limit of $10,000 of Accident medical coverage is required in order to obtain participant liability.
  • If you would like coverage for the Athletic Participants, please select yes when filling out the online application.
How do I obtain a quote?
Submit an online application and a quote will be released and returned for you to review.
Can you insure multiple sports/activities?
Yes. Please include the dates of the events you would like covered under the Event Detail section on the application.
Are overnight camps covered?
  • Yes.
  • Please provide details of location and accommodations when submitting an online application.
How do I name the Facility as an Additional Insured?
Enter the name and address of the additional insured under the Additional Insured section on the application.If you don’t have the information right now, you can submit the information when you purchase coverage.
What kind of Camps/Clinics do you cover?
Basketball Baseball Softball
Soccer Touch Football Flag Football
Football – Contact/Tackle Track & Field Broomball
Kickball Lacrosse Mud Runs/Obstacle Runs
Racquetball Rugby Soap Box Derby
Snow shoeing Soccer Squash
Tennis Ultimate Frisbee Disc Golf
Volleyball Wrestling Golf
Boxing Badminton Triathlons
Archery Tennis Bowling
Archery Adventure Races Cricket
Cheerleading Field Hockey And many more
Educational Nature Church/Religious
Music/Singing/Theatre Arts & Crafts
How long does the process take?
After the application is submitted, the underwriter will review. Sometimes additional information is required prior to releasing a quote. If no additional information is required, the quote will be returned (usually within 24 hours) to you for review.If the quote is acceptable, then you sign and return the enrollment form and payment to our office. Coverage binds when payment is received. Then the policy documents will be issued and returned to you via email.
What is the cancellation policy?
If the policy is cancelled prior to the effective date, the premium can be refunded in full.All minimum premiums are fully earned at policy inception. If the policy is cancelled after the effective date, any unearned premium will be refunded.Review policy information and coverage details.